The learning game, which has been created for Co-op Money NZ’s member organisations, has been fashioned especially for individuals looking to refresh their AML/CFT credentials.


AUCKALND, 10 AUGUST 2015:  Co-op Money NZ, the association representing co-operatively owned credit unions and building societies in New Zealand, has released an innovative Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) 2015 course that is designed as a game.

The game, which has been created for Co-op Money NZ’s Member organisations, has been fashioned especially for individuals looking to refresh their AML/CFT credentials, with the intention of making the process more interactive and enjoyable.

“Innovation is part of our culture at Co-op Money NZ, and with this step we have introduced gamification into the learning and development space, making compliance training fun and interesting for our Members and their staff,” said Henry Lynch, CEO of Co-op Money NZ.

The game will allow staff to fulfil their continuous learning requirements in the AML/CFT area, while having a little fun. It is structured to provide learning milestones through case studies and interactive discussion points that will allow the learner to identify with the course material.

“The case studies will have learners turn into mini-detectives, as they look to solve cases in the AML/CFT arena. This will help them understand the nitty-gritty of the regulations, and enable them to identify scenarios that they might come across in their day-to-day situations more easily,” said Lynch.

The course will also continue to be offered in a text-based format on the current e-learning platform, providing members a choice in the way they want to undertake the refresher.

The AML/CFT course is modified every year in accordance with changing regulations. Course content is created, monitored and overseen by Co-op Money NZ’s Learning and Development and Risk and Compliance teams.

“We are constantly investing in our learning and development offering as part of ongoing efforts to provide the best in services to our Members. We have a range of Co-op Money NZ certificates, as well as national certificates, that we offer through our e-learning platform for our Members to use. This new learning game is part of our ongoing focus to help develop competent staff that are compliant with the latest in AML/CFT requirements,” added Lynch.

“Credit unions and building societies have long been a crucial part of the New Zealand economy and they are constantly reviewing and modifying their structure and offerings in order to remain relevant to the changing needs of new-age Kiwis.”

“The gamification of the AML/CFT course is just one among a variety of projects that we are working on to make life easier for our Members, who provide fantastic products and services to thousands of mum-and-dad Kiwis every day,” added Lynch.



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